Sunday, January 9, 2011


three great versions of a great song and sure to be the center-subject of a cool mix

((coming soon?!)) 16 a certain person - LIGHT ASYLUM

i heard the Miles one at work today and it sent me packin and a flyin and a dreaming into the great bemused. turns out both Sinatra and Peggy Lee also do something special with this heart-stoppingly sumptuous sentimental graduation. there's a sense of swimming in clouds with a feeling you're particularity fond of and for once not being consistently afraid it's gonna run off on you. it's merely catching a glance of a promising human connection and making due when that happens to take you further into contentment than you ever would've expected.

01 it never entered my mind - FRANK SINATRA

frank sinatra

02 what isn't nature (Cass Mccombs cover) - LOWER DENS
03 another tear falls - THE WALKER BROTHERS
04 eleganza - THE SPINANES
05 not the way - CASS MCCOMBS
06 hamilton road - DUCKTAILS
07 many rivers to cross - HARRY NILSSON
08 it hurts me too - KAREN DALTON
09 I <3 dr. girlfriend - KYLE HALL
10 it never entered my mind - PEGGY LEE

peggy lee

11 getting away with it - THE EGG
12 old man willow - ELEPHANT'S MEMORY
13 astrofarm - EAST RIVER PIPE
14 bedside table - BEDHEAD
15 round the moon - SUMMER CAMP
17 batman - LOWER DENS
18 what isn't nature - CASS MCCOMBS
19 it never entered my mind - MILES DAVIS

miles davis

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