Friday, October 9, 2009


so I was wrong. IT WASN'T THE FIRST TIME and blah blah blah the last. FLEETWOOD MAC has some material that I am besides myself with joy about. ESPECIALLY THIS HALLOWEEN SEASON!!! there's "Sisters of the Moon", "I'm So Afraid", "Crystal" and "Rhiannon" to get me in that autumnal mood I cherish inexplicably above all others. There's such a great Black Sabbath-companion pagan-ness to it all.

They also do dreary-sexy better than ANYONE this side of Hope Sandoval. "Dreams" just hit me at work, probably staring at what I had in my hand and barely wondering where to put it - I suddenly knew it was something profound. Ignoring the literal connection, the music sounds like a fine, gray-scaled post-rainstorm spray of water off of tires. It's purely narcotic and I want to marry it for life.

Then there's the sumptuous, smiling, ABBA-esque "Over My Head" and "Crystal" -- A ballad with an anthemic start and a blissful, drugged-out finish. These are both from their self-titled 1975 debut - which seems to be their best.

Then there's Tusk. This one has some curiosities along with some genuine treats like "HONEY HI" which if/when I get my radio show will be a staple of the program. This song doesn't get it's due for its pure blissessence. YES, I will use that "word". This song makes you feel GOOD!

I'm sorry for being a dumbass. IT COMES ALL TOO EASILY, and I just keep surprising myself with what I respond to. Next must be Elton John or god knows what else i've meh'd to death. Wings? Chicago? Mott The Hoople? Tull? SKYNERD? -- NO, NOT THEM! I don't even know how to spell their name, so I must be immune!

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JohnnieC said...

yo, fleetwood mac was from the 1970's right?